Welcome to UkrFreestyle.com

We are glad to welcome you at UkrFreestyle team’s website. We are one of those who started the football freestyle development in Ukraine. Having started in 2008 as amateurs turned into the first professional football freestyle team in our country. Today, football freestyle due to its popularity and availability has become not just entertainment, but a recognized mass movement, or even culture. Around the world, it quickly found its admirers and gained popularity. And this is not surprising, because it is a dynamic and spectacular sport. The concept and philosophy of which is aimed at promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, as well as the new progressive culture development among representatives of all generations, especially young people.

In addition to the sports component, i.e. participation in national and international competitions in football freestyle, as well as numerous tournaments organization and refereeing, our team’s members have extensive demonstration performances experience. Among them: a variety of sporting events, the opening of stadiums, festivals, presentations, conferences, exhibitions, banquets and corporate events, children’s parties, shooting on TV and in advertising, workshops and much more. To date, we have participated in more than 800 events throughout Ukraine, as well as in 20 other countries.

Our website was created not only as our team’s business card but also as a tool to promote and popularize football freestyle in our country. The materials presented on the website are aimed at the football freestyle development and are open to the website visitors and everyone who is interested in it. We are always happy and ready to discuss any possibilities of cooperation. For all questions, contact us at ukrfreestyle@gmail.com