Advertising projects

Participation in filming and staging tricks

Since 2009, UkrFreestyle’s team has been actively cooperating with well-known global brands as part of their advertising campaigns. All team members have extensive experience of participating in the promotional videos and promotional photo shoots filming. Football freestyle is always a win-win option to create a spectacular and truly memorable product to attract the public’s attention. And if sportswear advertising is expected to be presented through freestyle, then shooting for cars or drinks manufacturers becomes a real surprise for viewers. Over the past few years, UkrFreestyle team’s members have more than once been the face and stand-ins at the various events shooting and well-known brands advertising campaigns, including:

  • adidas
  • Daewoo
  • UEFA Euro 2012
  • TM Lux Chips (Chipsy Lux)
  • FC Dynamo Brest
  • FC Shakhtar Donetsk
  • Qatar Fan Zone World Cup 2018
  • Parimatch Bookmaker Company
  • Beeline Kazakhstan Mobile operator
  • Epicenter K construction hypermarkets chain
  • Volia Kabel Telecommunication Provider
  • etc.