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Riveting the attention of the audience

Today, with the growing popularity, football freestyle which in several years has gained a lot of fans around the world has become the leading international media’s object of interest. And this is not surprising, because football freestyle is a dynamic, fast and entertaining sport.

The UkrFreestyle team is a regular guest not only of various sports programs, but also talent shows, popular evening talk shows. Also, the team formation path more than once became the subject of interviews in various print publications. Here are just some TV programs that our team participated in:

  • FootballFreestyle 2 show (SkySports, the UK)
  • Indigo show (First National Channel)
  • MaXtreme show (М1 TV Channel)
  • Chipsy-Chiksy-Lavandos show (М1 TV Channel)
  • Odin den show (К1 TV Channel)
  • Pro Tsikave UA show (ICTV TV Channel)
  • Inshyi futbol show (ICTV TV Channel)
  • Dni MTV show (М1 TV Channel)
  • Kriticheskaia Tochka show (TRK Ukraine TV channel)
  • StreetStyle show (FUTBOL TV Channel)
  • Vremia Sovy show (Tsentralnyi TV channel)
  • Sportyvna Ukraine show (Tsentralnyi TV channel)
  • Intuitsiya show (Novyi TV channel)
  • Snidanok z 1+1 morning show (1+1 TV channel)
  • Surprise, Surprise show (STB TV channel).

UkrFreestyle team has repeatedly performed live on various television programs and shows:

  • Live performance at Football Weekend Show (ТRK Ukraine)
  • Live performance at NASHE EURO talk show (First National Channel)
  • Live performance at Velykyi Futbol talk show (ТRK Ukraine)
  • Live performance at GutenMorgen show (М1 TV channel)
  • Participation in the filming of BigBrother reality show (К1 TV channel)
  • Live performance at Savik Shuster’s Afrikanskyi Strasti TV show (First National Channel)
  • Participation in Ukraine’s Got Talent show (STB TV channel)
  • Participation in Sygray v Yashchik show (1+1 TV channel).